Python for Web Development

Python for Web Development

Get Web Applications to Market Faster with ActivePython

Using Python for web development is becoming more common. Python is one of the most popular open source languages, easy to learn and work with. Technology leaders such as Google, Spotify and Instagram use Python for web development, particularly for fast prototyping and building highly scalable web applications.

These days companies in every industry must take a digital-first approach to stay competitive. This means freeing developers to use the tools that allow them to be the most productive, such as Python.

While the open source distribution of Python may be suitable for individual developers, it lacks the support and security that traditional enterprises require.

With ActivePython, you mitigate your company’s risk while empowering your development team to use the most recent, stable Python version right out-of-the-box. Reduce configuration and setup time–and get started on development right away with ActivePython!

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Precompiled Packages for Web and Cloud Applications

ActivePython comes precompiled with the most widely used packages for developing web and cloud-based applications, so you can save days of configuration and be productive in minutes.

With ActivePython, you can get started right away with the most popular Python frameworks such as Django, Flask and Tornado. And you can connect to Amazon Web Services (AWS) like S3 and EC2 using the included AWS SDK and API libraries.

ActivePython also includes essential packages for testing, code quality, security and general Python development.

Cloud and Web Application Development
  • Django (web framework)
  • flask (web framework – microservices)
  • tornado (web framework and networking)
  • requests (web dev library)
  • AWS SDK (Amazon cloud)
  • google-cloud (Google Cloud)
  • simplejson (json library)
  • Twisted (asynchronous networking)
  • urllib3 (HTTP w/ connection pooling)
  • jinja2 (template engine)
  • s3transfer (AWS S3)

  • cryptography (recipes and primitives)
  • pyOpenSSL (python interface to OpenSSL)
  • passlib and bcrypt (password hashing)
  • requests-oauthlib (Oauth support)
  • ecdsa (cryptographic signature)
  • PyCryptodome (PyCrypto replacement)
  • service_identity (prevents pyOpenSSL man-in-the-middle attacks)
Big Data, Database Connectors

  • pymongo (MongoDB driver)
  • redis (Redis access libraries)
  • SQLAlchemy (Python SQL Toolkit)
  • pyMySQL (MySQL connector)
  • HDFS (C/C++ wrapper for Hadoop)
Code Quality/Testing

  • pytest (testing)
  • nose (testing)
  • selenium (testing)
  • flake8 (code quality)
  • coverage (test coverage)
Developer Utilities

  • pytz (time zone library)
  • PyYAML(YAML support)
  • py (code gen, API control, ini file parsing)
  • lxml (processing XML/HTML)
  • cffi (C code interface)


Every organization is focused on security, but not every individual. Downloading a package quickly in order to get the job done is not uncommon, but it leaves companies very vulnerable. Has someone on your team used a package that was out-of-date or did not meet your company’s security standards?

By using ActivePython there is no more guessing if your Python distribution has incorporated the latest OpenSSL patch or if an unvetted package has been downloaded from an unverified repository.

We update all included packages to the latest, stable version with every Enterprise build and provide timely security updates for critical issues.

Having served Fortune 1000 companies for 20 years, we understand the security requirements of organizations like yours and give you the peace of mind you need.


Our Python experts answer your questions by email or phone, so you and your team don’t have to rely on the open source community and public forums for help.

Versions and Platforms:

Our ActivePython builds and packages are consistent across all your enterprise operating systems whether they are on-premise or in the cloud. We offer support for the following versions and platforms:

  • Support for 2.7, 3.5
  • Support for Windows, Linux, Mac, and Big Iron (AIX, Solaris)

Greater Security, Reduced Risk

There are significant advantages to using the ActivePython distribution in your organization. ActiveState Enterprise Edition provides guaranteed technical support, legal indemnification and quality assurance. With Enterprise Edition, you’ll enjoy the advantages of open source while minimizing the risks.

By using ActivePython, you and your team can:

  • Ensure security of your models built in Python
  • Meet open source license requirements of your organization
  • Get support through private channels to keep your intellectual property and ideas safe
  • Avoid vendor lock-in. ActivePython is a commercial distribution of Python that is 100% compatible and on-pace with the open source releases
  • Share your use of ActivePython with your enterprise web application teams

With deep roots in open source, and as a founding member of the Python Foundation, ActiveState actively contributes to the Python community. We offer the convenience, security and support that your enterprise needs while being compatible with the open source distribution of Python.

Download ActivePython to get started in development! Or start by downloading our Python for WebDev runtime that includes all the frameworks, tools and utilities you need.

Looking for more information? Contact us to discuss how your organization can use ActivePython for all your Python projects.
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