Python 2 Support Past End of Life

ActiveState’s extended support offers our exclusive Python 2.7.18.X end of life builds.

Includes security patches addressing vulnerabilities and bug fixes identified in the core Python 2 programming language release as well as Python packages, reducing the risks to your software and organization from known exploits.

JANUARY 1, 2020: The Python Software Foundation (PSF) sunset Python 2. End of Life (EOL) means there are no more official updates or security fixes, not even for critical security vulnerabilities.

Python 2.7 core codebases, including packages, modules and frameworks will continue to become less reliable and more vulnerable to attacks as security issues and bugs continue to emerge.

Let's discuss your Python 2 support needs

Do more than just maintain your Python 2. Get Current and future-proof your Python 3 apps today.

Benefits Of ActiveState Python 2.7.18.X

Python 2 Security Patches

Get updates for Python 2 core and third-party packages, including backported fixes from Python 3

Updated Packages

New versions of Python 2 third-party packages

Python 3 Migration Guidance

Expertise on Python 2 migration targets, and which Python 3 packages are suitably maintained and licensed

Technical Support

Support for Windows, Linux, macOS and more. Communicate with us via phone, email and chat

Supply Chain Security

Secure all your open source dependencies across dev, test and staging environments


Enterprise service-level agreements to ensure protection against critical and high-severity CVEs

Download Python 2 Community Edition

ActivePython 2.7.18 is available for free.

Python 2.7.18 for Windows
Python 2.7.18 for MacOS X
Python 2.7.18 for Linux

For greater security and ongoing updates Contact Us for access to 2.7.18.x.

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