Publish your packages and wheels to PyPI in seconds.

ActiveState is now a PyPI publisher ensuring package security from source.
Terminal Command Mimic


--namespace jeremyp/language/python

--name activestate

--version "0.1"

--depend "builder/python-module-builder@>=0"

--depend "language/python@>=3"

--depend "language/python/flit_core@>=3.2.0"


state eval publish_receipt

Automate your next build and project publication

Using OpenID Connect, ActiveState not only streamlines the PyPI publication process to a single step but also fosters a collaborative, secure, and efficient Python development ecosystem via the ActiveState Platform.
Get Started Quickly

Zero-configuration CI: Publish packages to PyPI in seconds without the setup hassle.

Cross-platform Compatibility: Build wheels that work seamlessly across different development environments.

How to publish on PyPi
This demo walks developers through becoming a Trusted Publisher to PyPI using the ActiveState Platform.

Easily streamline and secure runtime environments

Effortless Contributor Onboarding

Make it easy for new contributors to start and share your project.

Robust Dependency Management

Maintain your project’s health with streamlined dependency updates.

Enhanced Security

Proactively manage vulnerabilities to keep your project secure.

Become a trusted publisher with ActiveState

Developer feedback is crucial as we strive to create meaningful experiences that matter to Python users. We’re committed to transparency and want to involve you in our plans every step of the way. Or become part of the conversation and tell us what you think on our forums.

Stuck on Python 2?

“ActiveState is so seamless that the business can function even with turnover and little training. The lights stay on and engineers don’t have to worry about what language they are using to add value.” 

-Ashish Saxena

Director of engineering, Druva

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