Webinar: Solving Dependency Hell at Enterprise Scale

dependency hell on-demand

Webinar: Solving Dependency Hell at Enterprise Scale

Dependency Hell is a real threat to your project deadlines. Your dependency management best practices won’t help when third-party authors of open source packages don’t follow them. Current solutions amount to little more than trial and error (or worse: monkey patching open source libraries), which means your developers are spending more time managing their environments than writing code. But solving Dependency Hell at scale is a massive undertaking you can’t afford.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss the true costs of Dependency Hell for software teams and what it means to solve this challenge for enterprise environments, so that you can ship software faster:

  • What is Dependency Hell and its impact on your software dev teams
  • Best practices for avoiding Dependency Hell
  • How to solve Dependency Hell with automated tooling
  • Demo and Q&A

Learn how to get your teams out of the frustration of Dependency Hell and back to coding quicker!

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Who Should Attend: Software/Application Development Managers, Team Leads and R&D Managers who need to increase developer productivity with limited resources.

Webinar Presenters:

scott profile
Scott Robertson, Chief Technology Officer, ActiveState

Scott is passionate about creating products that solve real problems. He drives ActiveState’s technology vision and has spent over 20 years knee deep in code. His background includes everything from lead dev to CEO to CTO. He’s authored a book, founded 3 startups and sold one of them. Most recently he normalized Fortune 500 BI data and ETL to scale. He understands the pains faced in pushing software into production and the challenges big business has to stay fast and relevant. He helps companies do both.

dana profile
Dana Crane, Product Marketing Manager, ActiveState

With 25+ years in the software industry, Dana has both crossed and fallen into the chasm as a Product Marketer and Product Manager. When not playing basketball or writing blogs, his time is split between making products easier to use and easier to understand.


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