Python EoL

Python 2 Support Past End of Life

Still relying on unsupported Python 2.7?

It’s time to break free from the chains of security vulnerabilities and missed innovation opportunities. Make the transition with ActiveState’s Beyond EOL Support.

Enhanced security for your peace of mind

Compounding security vulnerabilities are a ticking time bomb. ActiveState’s Extended Support delivers timely updates, fortifying your applications against threats while you strategize your Python 3 upgrade. Don’t let your critical infrastructure become a playground for cyber risks.

Seamless transition planning to Python 3

Avoid technical debt and skyrocketing maintenance costs. ActiveState makes planning your Python 3 update a breeze. Easily navigate the complexities, reduce risks, and ensure a smooth transition. Your software evolution begins here.

Do more than just maintain your Python 2. Get Current and future-proof your Python 3 apps today.

Missed opportunities no more

Stuck in the Python 2.7 rut? Don't miss out on innovation! ActiveState safeguards your application's future, providing the support you need to stay ahead in the ever-evolving tech landscape. Say goodbye to brittle software and embrace the future of Python.

Beyond EOL support: your bridge to tomorrow

Your Python 2.7 journey doesn't end with its life cycle. Let ActiveState be your guide to a secure, compatible, and innovation-ready future. Act now and ensure your software projects thrive, unburdened by the constraints of outdated technology.

Don't get left behind – act now!

Extended Support from ActiveState is your lifeline. Secure your applications, plan your Python 3 upgrade, and break free from the limitations of the past. Your code deserves a future – let's build it together. Upgrade confidently with ActiveState!

Don’t become the next headline, secure your supply chain with us.

Ready to make a plan to secure your supply chain? Want to know where your developers are getting their open source code? Need to know what licenses and common vulnerabilities are inherent to your software?

Let our team of experts get you the answers you need.

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