Webinar: Keeping Software Devs Happy by Automating Open Source Pains – Thank You

Webinar: Keeping Software Devs Happy By Automating Open Source Pains

Thanks for your interest in “Keeping Software Devs Happy by Automating Open Source Pains”. You can access the slide deck (PDF) here.

ActiveState’s VP of Product, Loreli Cadapan, and Director of Engineering, Shane Warden, discuss how you can automate the pain of managing open source environments, so that your dev team can focus on what they love to do best – coding.

Enterprise software developers have been leaving in droves due to increased workloads and repetitive tasks. But in this webinar, we explore how you can free developers from the foundational burden by setting up consistent, reproducible runtime environments for Python, Perl and other open source languages, as well as how managed distributions can eliminate the costs of self-vendoring.

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New to the ActiveState Platform? At ActiveState, we use our Platform to build not only our popular open source language distributions but also custom environments for our enterprise customers (i.e. language builds containing just the packages their application requires). All environments created with the ActiveState Platform are built from source, assessed for security vulnerabilities (CVEs), and can be updated in a timely manner.

Coders can use the Platform for free to build a Python, Perl, or Tcl environment for their project. Enterprise decision-makers can find a suitable tier from our Platform Pricing options or contact Sales.

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