Are you using Perl, Python or Tcl in critical applications that must function flawlessly to power your business? Looking to deploy new or legacy applications to the cloud?

If your revenue or operational success depends on application performance, trust ActiveState dynamic language management solutions to boost development productivity, ensure up-time, make maintenance cost-effective and comply with open source support policies. Get guidance and peace of mind and from ActiveState experts, on hand to reduce the risks with using open source languages, improve application performance and save your developers' time.

Turn to ActiveState for:   

  • Increased uptime for critical applications with priority access to dynamic language experts
  • On time delivery: focus on core development, not time-consuming dynamic language maintenance
  • Better application performance with frequent software updates, how-to and best practices guidance on demand
  • Greater staff productivity with guidance and training by ActiveState experts
  • Support for current and legacy Perl, Python, and Tcl
  • Access to Perl, Python, and Tcl on big iron (AIX, Solaris, HP-UX)
  • Risk mitigation when using open source Perl, Python and Tcl

Large organizations in financial services, aerospace & defense and government rely on ActiveState for peace of mind, including Bank of America, Credit Suisse, The Boeing Company, and GE Aviation.

Enterprise Edition for Perl, Python and Tcl

Perl, Python and Tcl Enterprise Editions are ideal for organizations with large dynamic language deployments in essential systems where downtime can result in lost revenue or a damaged reputation.

ActivePerl, ActivePython, and ActiveTcl Enterprise Editions are tested for enterprise-readiness in reliability, security, interoperability and scalability. You get on-demand technical support and guidance in areas such as module usage, database connectivity, customized installations, plus troubleshooting of code problems or leaks.

You'll also gain assurance with our indemnification coverage, protecting your organization from costly intellectual property infringement lawsuits, associated with your use for Perl, Python and Tcl .

Business Edition for Perl, Python and Tcl

ActiveState’s Business Editions offer affordable support for small and mid-sized development teams that use Perl, Python and Tcl in internal applications that must run reliably and function effectively. Ensure the efficiency and uptime of business-critical applications with priority access to dynamic languages experts to keep your operations running smoothly. With ActiveState Business Edition, you gain assurance that you comply with any requirements for commercially supported open source products.

Commercial Support

Did you know that using open source components requires commercial support by many financial, government and other large organizations? Even if commercial support isn't mandatory, it can mean the difference between software delivered on time and on budget or a half-baked application that neither hits its deadlines nor its mark. Turn to ActiveState’s dynamic language experts for on-demand, commercial-grade support services.

Dynamic Languages Consulting & Professional Services

With dynamic language consulting services from ActiveState experts, your team can accelerate development, improve product quality and make customers happier. ActiveState language experts will work side-by-side with your team, contributing to the design, development, deployment and success of projects that use Perl, Python and Tcl.

Perl, Python, Tcl Training

Keeping valuable programming skills current can be the difference between launching your product on time or getting sidelined, blowing your budget or delivering unreliable applications. Our Perl, Python and Tcl training programs offer customized, on-site instruction designed to help your team deliver robust, quality applications more quickly.