Perl EoL

Elevate Your Perl Experience with ActiveState Beyond EOL Support!

Is your software running on unsupported Perl versions, exposing you to compounding security vulnerabilities and compatibility headaches?

Ignoring this can lead to missed opportunities for innovation, technical debt, increased maintenance costs, and potential disruptions to your critical projects.

Security at the core:

ActiveState’s Extended Support goes beyond boundaries, safeguarding your applications against emerging threats, including the latest Perl zero-day vulnerabilities. Our commitment to security is unwavering — check out our insights on Perl security in our blog on the Perl Zero Day Security Threats.

Seamless transition planning

Facing challenges in transitioning away from EOL Perl? Fear not! With Extended Support, easily plan and execute updates, reducing the risk to your critical infrastructure. Don’t let the absence of a transition plan hinder your progress – we’ve got you covered every step of the way.

Mitigate technical debt

Continuing with outdated Perl can pile up technical debt, leading to increased maintenance costs. Our Extended Support ensures your applications remain secure and compatible, allowing you to focus on strategic upgrades without compromising your current operations.

Innovate without constraints

Stuck supporting old and brittle software? Break free with ActiveState! Our Extended Support empowers you to innovate fearlessly, knowing your applications are in safe hands. Evolve your systems without the constraints of unsupported Perl versions.

Future-proof Your code

Perl may be end-of-life, but your code doesn't have to be. ActiveState enables you to safeguard your applications while strategically planning for the future. Say goodbye to the risks associated with legacy software and embrace a secure, agile, and innovative future.

Don’t become the next headline, secure your supply chain with us.

Ready to transform your Perl experience? Act now and unlock the potential of your software with ActiveState Beyond EOL Support!

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