Every now and again I spend a weekend day working needlessly on something I shouldn’t.  Today that was the SD Connector.  SD Connector (released under MPL/GPL/LGPL) is an extension that works in Komodo and Firefox, providing a way to write simple socket services, both server side and client side.  The sample services include an echo server, a simple JavaScript shell (accessible via telnet) and a JSON rpc server.  They are in varying states of readiness, largely in alpha state.
Today I updated the extension for gecko 1.9, and added a fun new thing, bonjour support!  Of course, if you don’t have Python, you don’t get Bonjour!  The neat thing is that services provided through SD Connector can now be browsed through Bonjour, and the client side can discover the services with that also.  If you’re up for Hacking with Komodo, check it out.
My hope is that some day, the pybonjour module can be replaced with a JavaScript version using the JavaScript ctypes library.  That would allow the bonjour services to be used from Firefox as well as other non-pyxpcom based Mozilla applications.  If someone hacks one together, let me know.
Title photo courtesy of Foundry Co on Pixabay.

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