Code Intelligence in Komodo

Code Intelligence in Komodo

All of our main languages like, Python, PHP, Ruby, Perl, Javascript, NodeJS, Go, Tcl and HTML, among others have code intelligence support.
Not only does this mean that you get code intelligence for native language functions, classes, globals (whatever applies to the language), but Komodo also scans YOUR code to augment its database with your custom code. This is happening while you type in a background thread so you don’t notice anything happening until you need to use your new code.
The [Komodo code intelligence]( process and database facilitates the following helpful tools:

  • Go to Definition: See the source code implementation of functions, classes, variables
  • Code Completions: Get contextual hinting as you type keywords or class and function names
  • Code Hinting: Get hinting for a function you’re calling, which will tell you what arguments the function takes. If you’ve written the appropriate doc comments for your own functions, these will be included in a code hint after you’ve written the function name and opening parenthesis.

Every release we try to improve the Komodo code intelligence as technologies progress around us. Keep your ears open for upcoming releases to see what’s next.

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