Come and join the Komodo development team!

We are looking for a really talented software engineer (aka developer) to join
the Komodo team.

Your role will be making cool and exciting product features, you’ll get to test
your metal against the Mozilla platform, support and use multiple programming
languages (like HTML, JavaScript, PHP, Go, Python, …), research development
technology and assist in the planning of an awesome product that’s used by
hundreds of thousands of developers around the world!

Choose to work remotely or you can move to the awesome location of
[Vancouver] Canada – either way, you’ll be working with a team of extremely
skilled people and a company that really looks after it’s employees.

Check out the full [komodo developer] job description and get applying if you’ve
got the necessary skills!

[komodo developer]: /company/careers/komodo-mozilla-python-web-developer

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