Debugging with Komodo IDE

Debugging with Komodo IDE

[Komodo supports debugging]( (*IDE ONLY*) for all of its major dynamic languages including Python, PHP, Go, Perl, Tcl, Ruby, NodeJS and JavaScript.
Every feature you would expect in a debugger is present in the Komodo debugger:

  • watch variables
  • REPL integration
  • global and local variables
  • custom and standard breakpoints
  • step-in/over/out capability

What we do have that other IDEs may not support is [remote debugging]( This allows you to start a process outside of Komodo and have it connect to a debugging session in Komodo. This allows you to debug websites, subprocesses in a larger program, spontaneous debugging sessions from a running program, etc.
If your IDE doesn’t have a debugger, then it’s not an IDE is it? And we have debuggers for a wide range of languages. One IDE for all of your projects.

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