Last Updated: July 8, 2019

Debugging with Komodo IDE

[Komodo supports debugging]( (*IDE ONLY*) for all of its major dynamic languages including Python, PHP, Go, Perl, Tcl, Ruby, NodeJS and JavaScript.

Every feature you would expect in a debugger is present in the Komodo debugger:

  • watch variables
  • REPL integration
  • global and local variables
  • custom and standard breakpoints
  • step-in/over/out capability

What we do have that other IDEs may not support is [remote debugging]( This allows you to start a process outside of Komodo and have it connect to a debugging session in Komodo. This allows you to debug websites, subprocesses in a larger program, spontaneous debugging sessions from a running program, etc.

If your IDE doesn’t have a debugger, then it’s not an IDE is it? And we have debuggers for a wide range of languages. One IDE for all of your projects.

Carey Hoffman

Carey Hoffman

Carey made the logical switch from snowboard instructing and treeplanting to the technology industry in 2009, taking database and network administration at Vancouver BC's BCIT college. Having started out on the technical support and QA team for ActiveState he now works on the Komodo development team as a front and backend software engineer.