Extend Your Editor Using Komodo Packages in 9.2

Extend Your Editor Using Komodo Packages in 9.2

One feature I’ve been looking to work on forever was the ability to easily manage your Komodo packages. You could already manage addons in Komodo, but the experience always left something lacking for me. With Komodo 9.2, we set aside some time to finally get the ball rolling.
Let’s backtrack just a little though, because I just used the term “Komodo Packages”, which is a relatively new term for us. You may be familiar with Komodo resources; Komodo packages are the exact same thing, but we’ve decided to rename it using a terminology that is more commonly known for in reference to other editors and IDEs. In case you’re not familiar with Komodo “resources” either, basically it is an umbrella term for any type of resource, or package, that customizes your Komodo experience.
For example, the following things can be considered packages:

  • Addons (extensions)
  • Macros (userscripts)
  • Skins
  • Color Schemes
  • Languages
  • Etc… You get the idea, I hope

Check out this short screencast for a quick introduction on how the new package installer facilitates using these packages:

Hopefully that intrigued you to check it out. As mentioned in the screencast we are hard at work on a new documentation site which will make customizing Komodo even easier. The package mechanic in Komodo will also continue to grow and improve in future versions, so be sure to keep an eye on mentions of packages in future release notes.
Title image courtesy of Jens P. Raak on Pixabay.

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