Go Commando with Komodo + One Week Left to Save

We released Komodo 9 in late March and introduced a plethora of cool new features in our IDE. With every new release we tend to throw a mini-celebration and discount new/upgrade purchases, and this was no exception. There’s still 1 week left to save on Komodo IDE and Pro Studio!

We’ve received great feedback on our latest version of Komodo. Giving you an IDE that makes it simpler to code is our goal, so I wanted to highlight four (of the many changes) we’ve added with this in mind.



Track Changes

Komodo 9

What exactly is Komodo Track Changes? It’s a simple way of giving the individual developer major advantages in tracking and handling changes contextually. See the short screencast below. Favorite comment so far on this feature is, “Cool! Every IDE should have this!” He’s totally right.

Commando (aka GoTo Anything)

Komodo 9
Commando: the ability to quickly access ANY part of Komodo from my keyboard using nothing but that which “makes sense.” Intrigued? Watch the screencast to find out more. Favorite comment on this one was from an ActiveState dev who has been using Komodo for over ten years. His reaction after trying out Commando for the first time: “OK, now I get how big a deal commando is – so awesome!”

Changing Color Schemes

Komodo 9If you open Komodo and think “Were the Komodo devs wearing a lampshade when they chose this default scheme?”, or “Who’s genius idea was it to have a dark scheme as the default?” (There was a vote…so it might have been you) then you’ll be happy to learn that you can change the color scheme to your liking.

Go Lang Support

While no screencast to show for this one, yup we’ve added a new language on top of our already long list. Komodo is the only IDE you need for Python, PHP, Perl, Tcl, Ruby, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and loads of other languages and frameworks. Long live polyglot!

Lots more features are available in the latest release including a new Markdown Viewer, performance and API enhancements, and more. Visit the Komodo IDE site for a more in-depth look at what’s new or try out the product by downloading the 21-day trial.

Already tried it?

Don’t forget to buy Komodo IDE on sale before the end of the month. There’s no telling when we’ll see a savings like this again.

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