Going Commando with Komodo – Yes, You’ll Be Back

One of my big projects for Komodo 9 was to implement Commando (aka GoTo Anything). I love being able to use Komodo without using my mouse at all. However, when it comes to programs that I use, I’ve never enjoyed memorizing a couple of hundred keyboard shortcuts, and that certain actions don’t quite make sense with a keyboard shortcut. This led to the concept of Commando: having the ability to quickly access ANY part of Komodo from my keyboard using nothing but that which “makes sense”. If I want to commit a file, I don’t need to come up with some keyboard shortcut without a logical connection to the action – I just use Commando by hitting the keyboard shortcut (hah, okay, you have me there…) and typing “commit”.

That’s one example of what Commando can do, other things you could do include:

  • Manage Opened Files
  • Open Files in intelligent ways
  • Create, Move, Copy files
  • Favourite results you use often
  • Invoke commands and tools
  • Insert snippets
  • Manage bookmarks
  • Browse code symbols (Komodo IDE only)

Because Commando is similar to “Fast Open” and “Invoke Tool” (both from previous versions of Komodo, and both of which have been replaced by Commando) and because there are so many things you can do with it, I thought I’d share a short screencast on Commando to show you first-hand what it can do for you.

Hopefully that got you a little bit interested in Commando, what it has to offer and what potential it has for the future of Komodo. Trust me, once you try it, “you’ll be back”… for more [great features] in Komodo IDE 9.

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