Help Us Test Komodo IDE 10 and We’ll Give You $50

As you may have heard, we released our Komodo 10 alpha last week so the community can help us run it through its paces. We’ve already received a ton of helpful bug reports but we want MORE! Let us sweeten the deal a little: not only do you get to try out Komodo 10 and help shape its future, you’re gonna get paid for it (maybe). Now, we cannot pay everyone that tests it, so we’re going to condition it on who makes the most valuable reports.

## The Job

Basically this is how it works: The first 3 bug reporters who file a bug that is considered a “blocker bug” will earn a $50 gift card of their choice. A blocker bug is a bug that would warrant us delaying the Komodo 10 release if the bug is not fixed in time. Whether something qualifies as a blocker bug is up to our discretion, but here are some general guidelines to help you out:

– Has to be a blocker bug
– Has to be a new bug (can’t already be known, or be present in older versions of Komodo)
– Has to use Komodo IDE (not Edit)
– Has to be a proper bug report (dont just dump an error and leave)

These are only some basic guidelines–at the end of the day it is up to our discretion, and we do want to reward those who make the most effort.

What about minor bugs? Please report them too! The whole point of this is for us to create a more stable product. And active contributors never go unnoticed; we often give out free IDE licenses to community members that have made significant contributions (whether in quantity or quality).

## The Reward

The first 3 users that report what we deem to be a blocker bug will receive a $50 gift card of their choice, provided that it is purchasable online by credit card. We’re only giving away one reward per user, but feel free to keep the bugs rolling in!

If by the time Komodo 10 releases we have not given out all the rewards we will instead award them to those who reported the most issues.

## Cheating Encouraged

How can you cheat? Simple. Focus your efforts on these features:

– Build system support (PhoneGap, Cordova, Grunt, Gulp, NPM)
– This will show up in your sidebar if your active project uses one of the mentioned technologies
– Chrome remote debugging
– Configured under Preferences > Web & Browser
– Ruby 2.1+ Debugging
– NodeJS and PHP CodeIntel support
– Ember, Angular, React and TypeScript support
– Performance Impact (major slowdowns)

And remember that testing is all about TRYING to BREAK things. Don’t worry, breaking Komodo won’t hurt our feelings.

## Get Started

Download the Komodo IDE 10 alpha now and help us make it great!

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