Image Tag Dimension Completion

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Quickly add image dimensions to an `` tag based off the image tags src
attribute. Everyone wants it, now you’ve got it.

## The Things I Need

How often have you entered an image tags src attribute and thought “GO!… Fill it
in… Please..”? I know I have. At least twice.

Others have had similar thoughts and one such user [requested this of Komodo](
some time ago. EricP answered the call and gave the user something that worked.

It uses the [Image() object](
in Javascript that allows us to load the image then pulls some information
from it and use it to append *height* and *width* attributes to the image tag
you’re working in.

I’ve updated it to use the *load* event to be sure the image is ready when I pull
properties off of it. I’ve also created a full path for the image which
[ToddW]( says will bite me in the @$$ later but only time will tell.

## Installation

To install the macro simply hit the “View Resource” button below, for instructions
on how to install it refer to the [Install Resources Documentation](

View Resource

## Usage

To use the macro, make an editor selection and then invoke the macro – by
double-clicking on the macro in the toolbox, using the Invoke Tool
(Ctrl+Shift+K) to search/execute “img tag dimensions”, or assigning your own
keybinding to the macro. Click on the link below and have a look at the source
for yourself.

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