Komodo 10.2.1 Released

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Today we’re releasing version 10.2.1 for Komodo IDE and Edit. This is a stability release, meaning it only seeks to address stability issues and UX bugs. It does not add any new functionality.
Most notably, this release fixes the issue where formatters were no longer working, which was a regression in the 10.2.0 release.
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  • Editor: Collapse multiple selection when selecting beyond matched delimiter – fixes #2367.
  • Fix file “unavailable for debugging” for Chrome Debugging on Windows – fixes #2243.
  • Go: Fix gofmt deleting all code in editor on non-clean installs – fixes #2010.
  • Formatters: Fix formatters no longer working. fixes #2368.
  • Places: proxy key password to main thread. fixes #2082.
  • SCC: Fix commit dialog committing all files after “max files” was reached – fixes #2293.
  • SCC: History: Don’t limit results when searching.
  • SDK: Editor: Position should be based on character, not column – fixes #2351.
  • Slack: Share dialog not showing all buttons due to wrong window size fixes #2360.
  • Syntax checking: Fix syntax checking sometimes being disabled on new files for no apparent reason.
  • Toolbox: undeclared variable on snippet save: fixes #2375.
  • Toolbox: use isAutoAbbrev variable. fixes #2373.
  • UI: Fix checkboxes not showing on some lists – fixes #2387.
  • UI: Maintain sort order when filtering trees.
  • Unittest: Fix issue where pytest would not show details or errors on some items.

We’re always looking for feedback to improve Komodo IDE and Edit. Download version 10.2.1 and let us know what you think in the community forums. We want to hear from you!

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