Komodo 10.2 Released! New Unit Testing, Slack Sharing, Yarn Support

The Komodo team has been hard at work, and some of that work you can feast your eyes upon today with the release of Komodo IDE 10.2. This release is focussed primarily on two features: unit testing and Slack sharing, but it’s not just about the features; we’ve fixed roughly 100 bugs and made quite a few improvements and enhancements. We hope you enjoy this iteration of Komodo IDE and look forward to your feedback!
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All New Unit Testing

We’ve rebuilt unit testing from the ground up to support a wider variety of frameworks and facilitate more productivity. You can run tests for major frameworks including PHPUnit (PHP), pytest (Python 2 and 3), Prove (Perl), Mocha (Node.js), RSPec (Ruby) and Go, as well as any frameworks that output in TAP or TeamCity compatible formatting.
New functionality enables you to filter test results, jump to test definitions and place breakpoints directly in your test for easy debugging – all with a new and improved UX. With Komodo 10.2, you can run tests more efficiently than before, and enhance your Test Driven Development processes.

Slack Sharing

If your team lives on Slack, sharing a code snippet is a quick way to get problems solved. Now you can share snippets, diffs and all kinds of code directly from Komodo to your team on Slack. Give your ctrl+c and ctrl+v a break.

Yarn Support (New Package Manager for Node.js)

Get the performance and reliability of Yarn without having to leave your IDE. Komodo integrates with Yarn in the same way it does with npm. You can run commands in the “Go To Anything” search field or through a dynamic toolbar button, helping to speed up your Node.js workflow.

Django and Flask Toolboxes

Step up your Django or Flask development with new toolboxes based on open-source contributions. Save time writing boilerplate code by just double-clicking a snippet to insert it directly into your file. Doesn’t get easier than that.
(Credit to DjaneiroFlask-Sublime and flask-snippets.)

Ruby on Rails Updates

Komodo has supported Ruby on Rails for years now, but our tools had gotten a little bit dated for those of you using the latest and greatest Rails version. With Komodo 10.2.0 we’ve brought everything up to date again.

Tutorials for Catalyst, Django, Flask, Pyramid and Rails

We’ve added a bunch of new tutorials that will help you get started developing for the given frameworks in Komodo. They will walk you through setting up your projects and configuring codeintel for optimal use for each framework. You can access them through your Toolbox > Tutorials or “Go To Anything” using the tutorial name (eg. “Django Setup Tutorial”).

Improved Shell Scope

Komodo has had a “Shell Scope” for its “Go to Anything” feature for quite a while now. It’s incredibly useful for running terminal commands from within Komodo as it provides you with auto completions and argument hints. Unfortunately, the feature has always been a bit hidden and awkward to use as you had to navigate down to the scope just to be able to use it. With 10.2.0 you can now just type your commands in “Go to Anything” and Komodo will provide you completions then and there.

And much more

  • Tcl 8.6 Support
  • You can now import Sublime Text snippets into Komodo
  • Dynamic sidebar button initialization mechanic
  • Various codeintel improvements
  • And more (see the changelog)

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