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The Komodo 10.1 beta is now available. This is a big update that focuses primarily on what our community has been asking us for. Over 100 bugs were fixed and more will be addressed before this release turns stable. While the vast majority of our effort has been focused on community requests, we did also work on some creative vision of our own.

The Tutorial Tool

The most notable addition in this release is the tutorial tool (IDE only). This new feature lets you write and use tutorials that will run in Komodo. We are using this mechanic ourselves with the introduction of 3 new tutorials:

  • A getting started tutorial
  • A tutorial explaining the basics of the toolbox
  • A tutorial explaining the basics of version control in Komodo

While we are using them to guide you through Komodo, the tutorial mechanic can be used for any purpose. We’re particularly interested to see the community use them for things such as:

  • Introducing new developers to a codebase
  • Educating developers on the use of new technologies
  • Educational use in a classroom setting

This tool is of course very new and may still contain some bugs, hence why we are releasing the beta. Please take it through its paces and let us know how it goes!

Other Notable Changes

In addition to the tutorial tool some more notable changes in Komodo 10.1 include:

  • Support for Mustache templating
  • Syntax checking for Angular.js HTML
  • VSCode Keybinding set (for converts)
  • Force push and force pull support for Publishing
  • New dynamic button for Publishing
  • New branch switching statusbar widget for Git and Mercurial
  • Various improvements to the commit dialog
  • Support for gulp.babel in our gulp integration
  • Global font settings
  • Improved user experience for the color scheme editor
  • Better HiDPI support for Linux
  • New preference to open find results in file tabs
  • Added missing Laravel Blade directives (thanks to lagbox!)
  • Added RGBA support to our color picker (thanks to Defman!)
  • Improved multi-caret behavior
  • Various codeintel improvements
  • More performance improvements
  • Improved multi-window stability
  • And tons more (see below)

Try the Beta

So please head over to our download page and give the Beta a try. If you do – please make sure you report any and all bugs you run into on our bug tracker.
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Full Release Notes

  • Analytics: Analytics are now opt-out instead of opt-in. The opt-out is clearly indicated during the first start wizard (only affects new users).
  • Codeintel: Add ability to exclude folders from codeintel scans – fixes #195.
  • Codeintel: Auto-restart if the process exits for any reason – fixes #1350.
  • Codeintel: JavaScript: Export members as variables to prior scopes in anonymous function calls – fixes #1144.
  • Codeintel: Less: Better disambiguation of properties vs. nested selectors – fixes #1370.
  • Codeintel: Normalize paths before storing them in the database – fixes #1644.
  • Codeintel: PHP: Actually ignore functions tagged with “@ignore” from being hits – fixes #1672.
  • Codeintel: PHP: Fixed error showing inherited method calltips – fixes #1638.
  • Codeintel: Perl: Fixed goto-definition for various dereferences – fixes #1514.
  • Codeintel: Ruby: Fixed stdlib generation to include left-out methods – fixes #1389.
  • Codeintel: SCSS: Added SCSS-specific at rules (Sass too) – fixes #1668.
  • Console: You can now select a different context by typing /windows.
  • Dbgp: Chrome: Fixed display of global variables and correctly watch closure variables – fixes #1796.
  • Dbgp: Chrome: Fixed expanding multiple nested levels of objects in variables view – fixes #1794.
  • Dbgp: Chrome: Support expressions for “property_get” along with unit tests – fixes #1785.
  • Debug: Ruby: Do not save “./.byebug_history” files in the cwd – fixes #1454.
  • Debug: Ruby: Redirected STDOUT plays nicely with libraries – fixes #1453.
  • Django: Fix linting when DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE env variable exists – fixes #1646.
  • Editor: Indent: Added new smart indent option to not line up continuing statements – fixes #1427.
  • Editor: Added “wrap selection with multiple carets” command – fixes #1780.
  • Editor: Added commands for remaining on the current line when moving/selecting by words/word parts – fixes #1219.
  • Editor: Added in-line selection duplicate left/right commands.
  • Editor: Added new command to add next word or substring to the caret set – fixes #1131.
  • Editor: Allow color hyperlinks from any language (excluding color constants).
  • Editor: Be more consistent when adding words or substrings to the caret set – fixes #1903.
  • Editor: Do not show “go to definition” hyperlinks in comments and strings – fixes #1869.
  • Editor: Fix color hyperlinks not working after initial use – fixes #1876.
  • Editor: Fixed issue where history back/forward stopped working (stopped recording).
  • Editor: Multiple select add next word works with non-word selections now – fixes #1558.
  • Editor: Refactored line/selection duplicate up/down to handle selections correctly – fixes #1353.
  • Editor: Show CSS color picker in Sass files – fixes #1815.
  • Editor: indent: Added commands for indent/dedent that always work on single lines – fixes #1323.
  • Editor: indent: Do not dedent by tab width if space indentation is used – fixes #1744.
  • Editor: multi caret selection supports substring fixes #1904.
  • Find: You can now choose to have find results open in file tabs (instead of bottom panel).
  • Gulp: Added support for gulp.babel.
  • Icons: Don’t render two reload icons.
  • Keybindings: Allow Shift+backspace fixes #1723.
  • Keybindings: word select incorrect key binding.
  • Lang: Initial support for Handlebars – fixes #1449.
  • Lang: PHP: Fixed syntax highlighting of short PHP tags in HTML strings – fixes #1773.
  • Languages: Associate *.mustache files with Mustache language – fixes #1432.
  • Languages: Associate *.ru files with Ruby – fixes #1435.
  • Languages: New Laravel Blade directives from lagbox.
  • Lint: AngularJS: Lint AngularJS as HTML5 – fixes #1448.
  • Lint: HTML5: Do not force HTML(4) checking on XHTML5 documents – fixes #944.
  • Lint: JavaScript: Do not report unused variables twice – fixes #1725.
  • Lint: JavaScript: Respect JSHint linting preference – fixes #1701.
  • Lint: SASS: Fixed incorrect word for SASS linter popup – fixes #1823.
  • Lint: Sass: Properly recognize errors – fixes #1821.
  • Main:ask to save dirty files once, fixes #1718.
  • OSX: Ensure view is visible after un-hide – fixes #564.
  • Other: Improve multi-window stability – fixes #1695.
  • PHP: Added hidden preference for PHP interpreter output timeout – fixes #1684.
  • Performance: Improve window activation detection, removing false positives.
  • Profile: Ignore errors when asked and the source directory does not exist.
  • Projects: Fixed project widget resizing not working to un-collapse – fixes #1483.
  • Publish: Allow Force Push/Pull #148.
  • Publish: Pull/Force enabled in Place #148.
  • Publish: detect remote removed + local.edited conflict fixes #1832.
  • Publishing: Add dynamic button.
  • Publishing: Force push from Places fixes #148.
  • Publishing: force-pull/push-all in dialog w/warning.
  • Publishing: skin publishing UI.
  • Rails: Fixed runtime errors in Rails userscripts – fixes #1429.
  • Ruby: Fixed lexing of numbers and ranges in Ruby – fixes #1375, 1410.
  • SCC: Added a new statusbar component for version control which shows the current branch and allows switching to other branches.
  • SCC: Commit: Fixed keyboard navigation.
  • SCC: Commit: Improve selection UX for the commit dialog.
  • SCC: Commit: Made commit textbox taller, making multi-line commits easier.
  • SCC: Commit: Made the selection panel resizable.
  • SCC: Commit: You can now once again commit files using just your keyboard.
  • SCC: Do not assume places selection as context for committing – fixes #1757.
  • SCC: Remove flickering from commit widget when saving files.
  • SCC: Version control is now contextual to the current file again.
  • SCC: Widget: Made the SCC widgets lazy – only reload if they are visible.
  • SCC: CVS: Fix issue where status results were not making it into Komodo.
  • SDK: Added the filestatus SDK.
  • Scheme Editor: Fixed issue where it was impossible to read certain text – fixes #1203.
  • Scheme Editor: Improve naming of color scheme properties, making them easier to understand – fixes #1490.
  • Schemes: Adding VSCode key binding scheme.
  • Scintilla: Fix font-size calculation with larger DPI settings in Linux – fixes #1531.
  • Scintilla: JavaScript: Fixed resetting of line states in ES6 literal syntax highlighting – fixes #1809.
  • Search: Only show the relative path (not full path) in search results – fixes #1722.
  • Servers: Preserve configured servers on major upgrades – fixes #1524.
  • Spellcheck: Added tooltip for misspelled words – fixes #1688.
  • Spellcheck: Fix some cases of suggestions being inserted at the end of the document – fixes #1593.
  • Tcl: Fixed incorrect case of ‘#’ comment detection – fixes #1570.
  • Tcl: Highlight “${var}”-style variables too when clicking on them – fixes #1831.
  • Tutorials: Callout toolbar in step 1 fixes #1864.
  • Tutorials: Inst. to enable toolbar fixes #1864.
  • Tutorials: Toolbox Tutorial.
  • Tutorials: Version Control tutorial added.
  • UI: Added a “Show Side Toolbar” menu entry to View > Toolbars.
  • UI: Icons can now be colored individually – fixes #1552.
  • UI: Limit toolbox icon sizes – fixes #1605.
  • UI: You can now change font face/size/spacing globally in appearance preferences.
  • UX: Improved Dynamic button updating, this affects cordova, grunt, gulp, npm, phonegap.
  • UX: properly save/restore widget state. fixes #1519.
  • UX: indent: Mention that per-language indent changes do not reflect immediately – fixes #1246.
  • Unittest: PHP: Look for phpunit.phar in $PATH as well – fixes #1422.
  • Userscripts: Respect global indentation settings in the userscript editor – fixes #1786.
  • Vi keys: Fixed ‘%’ (brace matching) to match vi – fixes #1879.
  • Vi keys: Handle visual block insert command better.
  • Workspace: Save window default layout fixes #1769.

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