Komodo 10.1.1 Released

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Hope everyone is enjoying the changes in 10.1! Virtually the only “real” bug we’ve seen reported by users was the issue where “Find all” was failing. We released a nightly almost instantly and adjusted our schedule to get a stable release out soon after, and here we are.
Aside from the “Find all” fix we also addressed some smaller issues. We’re also including an experimental fix for random crashes, which is only called “experimental” because we have not been able to verify whether this indeed reduces the number of random crashes due to the nature of the issue.
Check below for the full release notes.
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Release Notes

  • Colors: Fix side toolbar icon color not respecting color pref – fixes #1962.
  • Elastic tabstops: Fix elastic tabstops no longer being packaged with Komodo – fixes #1989.
  • Find: Fix “Find All” from failing – fixes #1964.
  • Linting: AngularJS: Show HTML warnings when requested – fixes #1952.
  • Logging: Increase robustness of error logging – possible fix for random crashes #1007.
  • PDK/TDK: fix toolbar button not showing, fixes #1956.
  • SCC: Fix history widget not automatically updating.
  • Tutorials: Close callout if window is moved/resized – fixes #1979.
  • Tutorials: Fix tutorial window undocking when another window is opened – fixes #1971.
  • Tutorials: Fix window resizing when tutorial is opened.
  • Tutorials: Fix wrong indentation in properties dialog – fixes #1982.
  • UI: Notification pane toggle buttons don’t reflex state – fixes #1965.

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