Komodo 10.2.3 Released – Freezing Issue Resolved

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MacOS 10.12.4 came with an interesting surprise for Komodo users, one that made Komodo randomly hang when running processes. Many of you reported this bug to us and helped us diagnose it over the weeks and months following the MacOS 10.12.4 release. Sadly this was just one of THOSE bugs. The kind that take months to diagnose properly and minutes to fix.
It wound up being an issue with the way Komodo launches processes, one that really isn’t an issue 99.9% of the time, but .01% of the time – it is. All MacOS 10.12.4 did is punch this percentage up a bit, and bring a Komodo bug to the surface that has been around for a very long time. In essence, we should be thanking Apple, as well as our users, for helping us finally address this issue.
That’s Komodo 10.2.3 in a nutshell; a stability release which should resolve a particularly annoying hanging issue likely affecting all platforms, though particularly MacOS.
Big shoutout to our community for helping us diagnose this issue. Given it’s random nature, it was not easy. I would like to thank tuckdesign and NeilFraser in particular for their efforts, which went above and beyond.
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Release Notes

  • Fixed issue where Komodo would randomly hang, particularly apparent on MacOS since its 10.12.4 update – fixes #2424.
  • Added a new Update Window for major releases (eg. Komodo 11)
  • See full release notes for Komodo 10.

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