Komodo 11.1 is Here! LSP Support and Over 150 Improvements!

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Komodo 11.1 is one of those updates that may not seem like much until you start using it. This update includes well over 150 bug fixes, quality of life improvements and one very interesting new feature: Language Server Protocol (LSP) support. For those unfamiliar, LSP is a protocol which facilitates editors to provide code intelligence. LSP does not provide any code intelligence itself, it just establishes the protocol to do so. You can now use Komodo to work with the many LSP solutions out there.
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We were able to add the LSP feature thanks to the large CodeIntel upgrade that landed in 11.0. Not only can users benefit from the enhancements to CodeIntel but they can now also use LSP. We wanted to provide additional tools for addon developers and other users to get the job done as well as provide a simpler way for you to add support for new languages. For example, as part of the new LSP support we developed the TypeScript addon, which enhances basic syntax highlighting offered previously. The TypeScript addon also serves as a simple template for addon developers to jumpstart their own LSP addon for Komodo.
Aside from LSP support we’ve focussed primarily on quality of life improvements (over 150 of them!!), which translates roughly into performance and UX improvements and bug fixes. Some notable improvements include:

  • CodeIntel performance has been significantly improved (especially noticeable with PHP)
  • CodeIntel completions are significantly more robust
  • CodeIntel now automatically detects doctypes
  • CodeIntel adds support for custom Catalogs
  • Automatic Workspace Restore has been significantly improved
  • Our Universal Package Manager now supports CPAN
  • We’ve added a new Print Debugging tool to the toolbox, as using userscripts for this purpose was pretty awkward

Want to see what else changed? Check out our release notes!

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