Komodo 4.3 released!

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Today we released Komodo 4.3 after several months development; 4.3 is a nice little release that builds on the solid based of Komodo 4 with some nice improvements both in IDE-only features ( Unit test support ) and fully-open-source features on the Komodo Edit codebase:
IDE Only

    • Unit Test support for major Lanaguages we support, including Python, Perl, PHP
    • Enhanced asynchronous support for SCC commands, allowing for much smoother source code control operations.

Komodo Edit & IDE

    • Replace in Files!
    • Find in Project
    • Abbreviations – an intuitive way to insert snippets

Full release notes can be found here
For an overview of each new feature, head on over to the screencast:
For my part, 4.3 represents a bit of a milestone in I actually developed and committed a new feature all on my own, based on a snippet I wrote a while ago and posted to the community site ( Trent of course immediately re-wrote most of it and added some nice features! ). I also spent a considerable amount of time re-working how we generate the api catalog for PHP, and I think the depth and accuracy of your PHP code completion is much much improved.

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