Komodo 5.1 is released!

As posted here, we released Komodo 5.1 today:

Komodo IDE 5.1 has been released! The latest iteration of ActiveState’s dynamic languages IDE features improved navigation.

The introduction of the History feature lets users browse though the files and buffer locations they’ve been editing recently with just forward and back buttons and a drop list in the toolbar. Find Highlighting enables visual markers for find/search matches, independent of the syntax coloring information. Hyperlinks adds new code intelligence: Ctrl+mouse-hover will hyperlink interesting regions in the text—more than just “Go to Definition” links. And a new “fast open” dialog eases opening the files within a current working directory, files within the current project, recently opened/closed files as well as switching to a currently opened file.

Today’s release of Komodo IDE 5.1 also includes support for a new platform: Linux/x86_64. Komodo IDE’s first native 64-bit platform build reflects the growth in Linux x86_64 installs.

Check out Trent’s screencast on the new Fast Open feature:

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