Komodo 6.1 – Better Projects and Much More

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We released Komodo 6.1 today!
As per Eric’s blog post of a few weeks ago, we’ve added a number of features that some of our Komodo 5 users couldn’t do without. Most importantly, the ability to:

  • have multiple projects open simultaneously,
  • add arbitrary links to files and folders, and
  • organize these items into groups (previously called “virtual folders”).

Here’s a quick screencast showing what these changes look like, and what you can now do with the Projects system that you couldn’t do before.

These changes represent what we feel is a good compromise between the new simplified interface of Projects and Places, and the more complex project structures possible with the old system. If you’ve held off moving to the new version because of the project system changes, now is the time to give Komodo 6 another spin to see if you like it. If you’re new to Komodo, by all means try it now by creating a free account on the ActiveState Platform.

We’ll have another new screencast soon to show off the new Django features, like autocompletion for template tags and filters.
As always, we would love to hear what you think of the changes. The Komodo discussion forum is a great place to give us this feedback.

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