Komodo 8.5.4 release is now available

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On behalf of the Komodo team, I am happy to announce the release of Komodo
8.5.4. This build contains important bug fixes and is a recommended update for
all Komodo 8 users.
If you’re already using Komodo 8, then use the *Help > Check for Updates* menu to
start the update, else you can obtain a copy by visiting the
[downloads](/download) section.
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## Release Highlights
This release fixes a number of important bugs, including the following:
* Windows high DPI font rendering and positioning issues (Bug [100492])
* PHP memory leaks from codeintel file scanning (out-of-memory errors) (Bug [102643])
* Python 3.4 debugging fix (Bug [103631])
### Other Changes
* Code Intelligence: CSS: Show pseudo completions after colon. (Bug [104799])
* Code Intelligence: JavaScript: Ensure document completions work inside of HTML. (Bug [102993])
* Debugging: Tcl: Update appLaunch.tcl file. (Bug [101199])
* Editor: Automatically enable word-wrap when a file has long lines. (Bug [93790])
* Editor: Django: Highlight *elif* tag, *elseif* in Twig (and improve auto-indent). (Bug [101792])
* Editor: When changing case in column selection, stay in column selection. (Bug [100269])
* Find: Ensure find markers are not added more than once. (Bug [104553])
* Find: Stop find options from changing when using multi caret commands. (Bug [103329])
* Places: After creating a new file, open it and display it in places. (Bug [94287])
* Places: Cull deleted items in places history menu. (Bug [98684])
* Preferences: Indentation Settings: Allow per language settings to be saved. (Bug [99431])
* Projects: When opening a new project is aborted, keep the old project on the MRU list. (Bug [94201])
* SDK: Ensure koext startlang works with –is-html-based argument (Bug [104551]).
* Source Code: Checkout: Remember the checkout textbox url. (Bug [99395])
* Source Code: Git: Ensure git submodules are properly detected in commit dialog. (Bug [95701])
* Syntax Checking: Python: Reinstate passing –rcfile to pylint. (Bug [101777])
* Syntax Checking: Python: Tell pylint where to find .pylintrc. (Bug [101777])
* Toolbox: Stop duplication of snippets when dropping snippet text. (Bug [103113])
* UI: Re-enable word-wrap in output panels (command output, debugger output). (Bug [98471])
## Any Questions?
If you’ve got any questions, post a comment below or [talk to us directly on the

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