Komodo 9.0.1 Released, Many Fixes & Enhancements

Less than a month after our awesome 9.0 release, we’re following up with our first minor Komodo 9 release. This build contains important bug fixes and is a recommended update for all Komodo 9 users. We’re committed to our software, so expect many more updates (both big and small) this year.
If you’re already using Komodo 9 use the Help > Check for Updates menu to start the update, otherwise you can obtain a copy by visiting the downloads section. This is a controlled release, meaning we’re sending out the update to everyone slowly over the next week.
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Release Highlights

  • Color Schemes: Use foreground color for caret color – fixes #75
  • Run: Run command was not saving recent commands – fixes #37.
  • UI: Bottom pane height did not persist properly across restart – fixes #47.
  • Trackchanges: Encoding issue on windows where characters end up garbled in the change dialog – fixes #69.
  • UI: Ugly border showing around notifications on windows – fixes #108.
  • UI: fixed OSX Yosemite vibrancy effect in panes.
  • fix issue #58 – codeintel: allow go-lang prefs to pass to out-of-process codeintel.

Other Changes

  • Abyss: Fixed issues on Windows with double borders and white space above toolbar.
  • Commando: Cache is not updated when a shorcut is added – fixes #115.
  • Commando: Commando hangs when descriptions have complex values – fixes #111.
  • Commando: Commando prompts are behind commando panel on OSX – fixes #110.
  • Commando: Oversized menulist icon on HiDPI.
  • Commando: Reload sections scope when switching files – fixes #114.
  • Editor: XML Auto-indentation causes infinite loop in edge cases – fixes #186.
  • Icons: Debug tab icon was oversized on HiDPI/Retina – fixes #72.
  • Notify: Pressing cog hides notification when priority is NOW – fixes #41.
  • Places: Duplicate contents when toggling a folder – fixes #61.
  • Places: Update places when a project is saved – fixes #129.
  • Printing: Use the global ko object – fixes #74 & fixes #135.
  • UI: High CPU use on OSX when using Trackpad – fixes #99.
  • UI: Improve scrollbar contrast on dark color schemes.
  • UI: Places widget dropdown menu had uppercase text – fixes #46.
  • fix Debugger: Required two attempts to start debugging.
  • fix issue #149 – Debugger: Ensure Ctrl+F5 to skip debugger dialog works.
  • fix issue #85 – Tcl autocomplete insertion was incorrect for unicode.
  • fix issue #171: Code Intelligence: Fix race condition when multiple windows opened at startup.

Hidden Features?

In case you didn’t notice, we did a small contest on Twitter for Easter;

This contest was quickly won by @adahacker.

Want to try this Easter egg for yourself? Just hit `ctrl+shift+o` on Win/Linux or `cmd+shift+o` on Mac to open Commando, then type “kitt” or “Michael”. Warning: must be an 80s kid to fully appreciate this Easter egg.

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Any Questions?

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