Komodo 9.1 Package Manager

Ever searched for a package on NPM or CPAN? With thousands of packages for so many languages, navigating the associated sites to find just the right module can be… Less than pleasant.
With this week’s release of Komodo IDE 9.1, developers can manage project dependencies right from Komodo with our new Package Manager Integration: search for packages – and install (or uninstall) those packages – within Commando, without even using a mouse, and without interrupting their workflow. The ability to install packages within an IDE streamlines workflow and makes installation much more efficient. It also means you can keep “in the zone” and remain focused on what you’re working on.
The new Shell Scope also allows developers to run commands right from within Commando, contributing to uninterrupted workflows and reducing dependencies on a mouse, and using only the keyboard.
Package managers are now available in Komodo IDE for Bower (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), NPM (NodeJS), Composer (PHP), Gem (Ruby), PIP and PyPM (Python), and PPM on CPAN (Perl). Adding support for your own package manager (or shell commands) is easy through Komodo macros and/or addons (we’ll provide instructions or a short screencast showing you how shortly).
Also as part of the ActiveState mission to improve the developer experience and workflow (from code to cloud, no less!), Komodo IDE 9.1 now also lets users save custom workspaces including preferences, windows, panels, and open files. Users can open Komodo and continue right where they left off, immediately getting back into their groove. Just another way to save time and make life easier.
We’ve also made some improvements to Commando usability; a convenient list of scopes will be presented to help narrow search results, and selecting the appropriate result is easier than ever: simply hit ALT and the relevant result number. Done.
We’re trying to build an IDE that is fun to use and makes your life easier. If your workflow is more fun with the latest Komodo, please tell us about it. And if you haven’t tried Komodo IDE yet, feel free to give the free trial a whirl: komodoide.com.
Lest we forget to mention: You can save 15% on Komodo IDE and Komodo 5-packs by using coupon PACKAGE15 until June 30. And if you do grab a Komodo 5-pack for teams, we’ll throw in 1lb of Starbucks Komodo Dragon Blend coffee + 5 Komodo IDE mugs for your team. See? Even our bonus aims at making life even better.
Learn more about Komodo IDE 9.1 on the Komodo site or watch the screencast below.

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