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We’re very happy to announce the pre-release of Komodo 9.1. This release primarily focuses on Commando, and its all-new package management functionality. We’ve also significantly improved workspace management and made a ton of enhancements/fixes to Komodo all-around.
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Just remember, this is pre-release software, which means it’s not thoroughly hardened and will likely contain bugs… As such, please report any problems you run into on our GitHub.

What’s New

Package Manager Integration (IDE only)

Easily manage your project dependencies right from Komodo, using nothing
but your keyboard. Commando will allow you to search for available and installed packages, and even for package managers that generally make this task fairly cumbersome (i.e. NPM and CPANM).
Komodo IDE package managers are available for Bower, NPM, Composer, Gem, PIP, CPAN, PyPM and PPM. Adding support for your own package manager (or just shell commands in general) is easily added through macros and/or addons.

Shell Scope (IDE only)

Easily run commands from Komodo right from Commando. Of course you could already run commands from Komodo, but now you can do it in style and without interrupting your workflow.

Improved Workspace Management (IDE only)

We’ve significantly improved the workspace management functionality in Komodo IDE. Easily create your own custom configurations for Komodo and load them on the fly.

Improved Commando Usability

The Commando user experience has had significant usability improvements. Most notably, when starting Commando you will now be presented with a convenient list of scopes that you can use to narrow down your search results.
You’ll also be able to quickly select results by hitting ALT and the relevant result number.


Read on for a full list of features, enhancements & fixes.

  • Package Manager integration! You can now easily install and uninstall packages
    using Commando, as well as perform all sorts of specific package manager actions.
    Support for the following package managers (IDE only):

    • Bower (web front-end)
    • NPM (Node.JS)
    • Composer (PHP)
    • Gem (Ruby)
    • PIP (Python)
    • CPAN (Perl)
    • PyPM (Python)
    • PPM (Perl)
  • Commando has a new “shell” scope which allows you to easily run commands with minimum interruption from your workflow (IDE only).
  • Workspace management has been significantly improved. Save your UI state and opened files and restore them whenever you’d like (IDE only).

Note – this functionality will be in the nightly as of Monday.

  • Select Commando (Go to Anything) results by pressing ALT+number.
  • The Commando user experience has had significant usability improvements. Most notably when starting Commando you will now be presented with a convenient list of scopes that you can use to narrow down your search results.


  • Color Schemes: Use foreground color for caret color – fixes #75.
  • Commando: Don’t preserve query when navigating backwards.
  • Commando: Escape now clears the current search.
  • SDK: Added the “shell” SDK, allowing you to easily run shell commands.
  • UI: Improved scrollbar contrast on dark color schemes.
  • UI: “Ugly border” showing around notifications on windows – fixes #108.
  • CodeIntel: Improve PHPDoc tooltip legibility – contributed by Defman – PR #225


  • Commando: Cache is not updated when a shorcut is added – fixes #115.
  • Commando: Commando hangs when descriptions have complex values – fixes #111.
  • Commando: Commando prompts are behind commando panel on OSX – fixes #110.
  • Commando: Oversized menulist icon on HiDPI.
  • Commando: Reload sections scope when switching files – fixes [#114](https://github.com/Komodo/KomodoEdit/issues/114).
  • Commando: Stops functioning when result entry has special characters – fixes #266.
  • Editor: XML Auto-indentation causes infinite loop in edge cases – fixes #186.
  • Icons: Debug tab icon was oversized on HiDPI/Retina – fixes #72.
  • Mac: Performance: Stop high CPU usage on Mac coming from scrollbar overlays. (Bugzilla #106458
  • Markdown viewer: Improved markdown button reliability.
  • Notify: Pressing cog hides notification when priority is NOW – fixes #41.
  • Other: Add back in way of opening the “Sample Project” – fixes #265.
  • Places: Duplicate contents when toggling a folder – fixes #61.
  • Places: Update places when a project is saved – fixes #129.
  • Run: Run command was not saving recent commands – fixes #37.
  • SDK: Shell: Added the ability to show the output of a command in a HUD panel.
  • Skin: Komodo skin got reset to default each time a user upgraded – fixes #215.
  • Trackchanges: Encoding issue on windows where characters end up garbled in the change dialog – fixes #69.
  • UI: Bottom pane height did not persist properly across restart – fixes #47.
  • UI: High CPU use on OSX when using Trackpad – fixes #99.
  • UI: Places widget dropdown menu had uppercase text – fixes #46.
  • UI: fixed OSX Yosemite vibrancy effect in panes.
  • Debugger: Required two attempts to start debugging.
  • Code Intelligence: Fix race condition when multiple windows opened at startup – fixes #171.
  • Debugger: Ensure Ctrl+F5 to skip debugger dialog works – fixes #149.
  • Codeintel: allow go-lang prefs to pass to out-of-process codeintel – fixes #58.
  • Tcl: autocomplete insertion was incorrect for unicode – fixes #85.

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Komodo 9.0 owners will be automatically entitled to 9.1 when it is officially released, and Komodo 8.x owners can upgrade via My Account.

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