Komodo 9.2.1 Released

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Komodo 9.2 has been well received, but there were a ton of changes, and as often happens in software development, there were a few regressions. 9.2.1 aims to resolve these as well as some longer-standing issues. This is a maintenance update focused on improving the stability of Komodo, so no sweeping changes.
If you’re already using Komodo 9 use the Help > Check for Updates menu to start the update; otherwise you can obtain a copy by visiting the downloads section. This is a controlled release, meaning we’re sending out the update to everyone slowly over the next week.
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  • Prefs: Added Vagrantfile file association.
  • Syntax Highlighting: Added Docker syntax highlighting.
  • Toolbox: fix issue preventing tools from saving – fixes #504.
  • Collab: Improve contact request user experience.
  • Scintilla: Fixed crash caused by drag+drop on OSX – fixes #371.
  • Go: Fix issue where interpreter would not be properly detected.
  • Python: Detect pyflakes properly in Python3.
  • Publishing: Fixed auto push not working when path has spaces – fixes #505.
  • Commando: Fix issue where results would not update – fixes #515.
  • Commando: Shell: Don’t default to running in container commands in an external terminal.
  • Commando: Shell: Fix autocompletion triggering on partial matches.
  • OSX: Ensure Scintilla dialog views’ text is visible.
  • Scintilla: Highlight JavaScript and CoffeeScript regex properly – fixes #414.
  • CodeIntel: Fixed reading from rails.cix catalog – fixes #537
  • Keybindings: vi: Ensure the caret is scrolled into view after moving in visual mode – fixes #436.
  • Lint: Fixed linting for Javascript macros – fixes #381.
  • Scintilla: Ruby: Highlight keyword-style arguments correctly – fixes #522.

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