Komodo 9.3 Released – Yours Forever!

Komodo 9.3 Released: Yours Forever!

It’s finally here, possibly our most major minor release ever – Komodo 9.3. There is so much in this release we could almost have called it Komodo 10, but we didn’t. Read on past the fold to find out about the amazing features in the latest version of Komodo.
Note that the update for this release is being steadily distributed over the next week, so you may not get it instantly but you can always download the update manually from our website if you do not wish to wait.

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  • Language Updates

    Support for PHP 7 and Python 3.5, syntax highlighting & checking support for Lua, Syntax highlighting support for Swift, Mustache, R Lang.

  • Documentation browser (IDE)

    Allows you to quickly navigate the documentation for our codeintel supported languages. Giving you quick access to basic documentation, with shortcuts to online documentation and contextual actions (insert snippet). This is entirely keyboard driven through Commando.

  • Run Code In-Line (IDE)

    Hit a shortcut to run the current file using the configured interpreter, then quickly review its results. Useful to quickly test bits of code. This works on unsaved files as well as selections (ie. run only the selected text).

  • Quick Bookmarks

    Quickly place numeric bookmarks and go to them, allowing you to use bookmarks as more than just reminders. Hit Ctrl+Shift+number to place a quick bookmark, then hit Ctrl+number to go to that bookmark.

  • Console Pane

    The new Console pane allows you to interact with the Komodo runtime much in the same way as you would use your browser developer tools console to interact with a website. This is especially useful for developers wanting to customize their Komodo experience.

  • CSS Auto-Completions

    CSS, LESS, and SCSS files now support auto-completions and code browsing. This will also work when editing HTML and using CSS classes or ID’s in your markup. With the 9.3.0 release this only works for CSS files living at the same or a lower level as the HTML file, we will very soon be supporting this project wide.

  • Auto-Wrap Delimiters

    When pressing a delimiter (eg. double quotes) while having text selected the text will be wrapped by that delimiter. Delimiters are configurable from your Preferences and can be disabled entirely.

  • Auto multi-caret for HTML/XML tags

    When selecting an HTML (XML) tag the corresponding start/end tag will also be selected, allowing you to change the start and end tag without having to select each individually.

  • Elastic Tabstops

    Komodo now supports Elastic Tabstops. Since this is intended only for files that use tab characters for indentation it is disabled by default. You can enable it under Indentation Preferences.

    • And so much more!
      • In-line Syntax Checking: When syntax errors/warnings occur a small notification popup will show at the bottom right corner of your editor window.
      • Package Manager 2.0: You can now fully manage your packages via Komodo, ie. uninstall, update, etc. (the previous version only allowed you to install). Advanced functionality currently only works for addons, skins, and languages.
      • Enhanced Multi-Caret Mode: Multiple caret mode is now much more flexible and useful, allowing for more complex actions than before. You can also now set multi-carets with ctrl+click.
      • Embedded Find/Replace: Find and replace has been significantly overhauled and is now part of the editor (rather than a popup dialog).
      • Multiple Find Result Tabs: Every search now opens in its own result tab, you are no longer limited to 2 tabs. Find results now also show a new input field that allow you to search again with the same input but a different search pattern.
      • Macros renamed to Userscripts: Toolbox Macros have been renamed to Userscripts. Macros also still exist but only through the toolbar or menu interface. When you save them to your toolbox they effectively become userscripts.
      • Quick Start on Tabs: When opening a new tab you now get a view that lets you pick what to do with the tab; eg. create a new file, open files, new file from template, recent file, etc.
      • New & Improved File Icons: The language icons have been updated to be more distinctive and less generic looking.
      • Commando has gotten a visual overhaul: More lightweight, no borders or gradients. Commando now feels as lightweight as it is.
      • Tons and tons of UX improvements: An ongoing effort to make Komodo the most user friendly IDE out there by many miles.

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