Komodo 9.3.2 Released

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Time for another maintenance release! This release is focussed entirely on stability and resolves bugs introduced in 9.3 as well as some longer standing issues.
Most notably, this release fixed the flickering issue on OSX. It also resolves the issue where notifications would steal focus away from other parts of the UI. Two very annoying issues that we wanted to fix.
Check below for the full release notes.

Release Notes

  • Collab: Fix issue where user indicators would show on top of windows.
  • Collab: Use tooltip instead of panels, to eliminate focus issues.
  • EditorConfig: Reverted a change that made some prefs not apply – fixes #908.
  • Find: Fix “where” section not remembered – fixes #873.
  • Find: Keep focus inside find frame when tabbing – fixes #888.
  • Fixed regression in Perl interpolated variable highlighting with Scintilla upgrade #914.
  • Linter: Show at most 10 results at a time.
  • Non-scannable UDL languages like XML do not have scopes; do not raise errors – fixes #906.
  • Notifications: Corner notifications should not be too wide.
  • Notifications: Fixed notifications stealing focus, for real this time – fixes #816, fixes #837.
  • Projects: Fix editor prefs missing under Project prefs – fixes #929.
  • Projects: Fixed #860 can’t open projects with ” ” in name.
  • Projects: Places opens in wrong context in newWindow. fixes #932.
  • SCSS: Use ‘//’ for line comments in SCSS – fixes #866.
  • UI: Highlight focused elements in the HUD – fixes #883.
  • codeintel: Buffers with only one token should not cause errors anymore – fixes #796.
  • codeintel: Do not create extra, unnecessary CIX files on Windows – fixes #870.
  • codeintel: Do not error on blank documents – fixes #895.
  • codeintel: PHP: Fixed interface method inheritence – fixes #751.
  • codeintel: golang: Fixed codeintel crash in some instances of “goto definition” – fixes #461.
  • editor: Do not auto-expand abbreviations when recording macros or when there is a column selection – fixes #811.
  • editor: Fixed out-of-control drag-and-drop for large files and word wrap – fixes #901.
  • editor: Ignore smart wrapping when performing a key combination – fixes #865.
  • editor: minimap: Do not allow markers to be shown – fixes #855.
  • Projects: Fixed projects failing to open in new windows due to space in filename – fixes #860.

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