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Update: December 5th

Unfortunately 10.1.2 introduced a small bug with frustrating consequences. We have released version 10.1.3 to address this. This is a very minor release that fixes bug #2180, which was causing the selection to expand when indenting or un-indenting. This bug was introduced in 10.1.2 due to the fix for bug #900 and we felt it significant enough to prioritize a quick update that addresses this issue.

Today we have released Komodo IDE 10.1.2, which fixes a long standing random crashes bug. It also addresses some stability issues which were primarily affecting fresh installs.
To obtain the new 10.1.2 update you can either check for updates in Komodo, wait for Komodo to pick them up automatically, or [head to the download page](/komodo-ide/downloads/ide) to manually download and install the update.
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## Contributors
Our thanks to the following community members for contributing fixes:

  • Todd Whiteman: Contributed a fix for the random crashes issue
  • babobski: Contributed a fix for the color picker wrongfully triggering on less and scss variables
  • Defman: Contributed a fix for notification colors not contrasting well on some color schemes
  • tuckdesign: Went above and beyond in helping us diagnose and fix the random crashes bug

## Release Notes
**Fix for random crashes:**
We’ve been investigating a random crashes bug that was affecting a small but
significant number of our users. Due to the complexity of the bug and the
fact that we have to this day not been able to reproduce it ourselves we
this was a tough nut to crack. Luckily our ex-lead developer Todd Whiteman
was affected by the crashes and kindly contributed a workaround. Komodo
10.1.2 will include this fix and should resolve these random crashes for people
affected by it.
**Fix instability on new installs:**
Due to a bug in the new tutorial feature introduced in 10.1, there were some stability issues in Komodo. Our first clue of a problem was when we noticed the editor history was no longer working in some cases. This has been addressed in version 10.1.2.
* xpcom: Workaround for the random crash issue – fixes #1007.
* Linux: editor: Persist editor clipboard contents on Komodo exit – fixes #534.
* Markdown preview: Update highlightjs dependency – fixes #1991.
* Tutorials: Fix getting started tutorial causing havock due to race condition – fixes #2150.
* UI: Fix textbox selections foreground sometimes not contrasting well with background – fixes #1932.
* codeintel: Fixed symbol browser with non-UTF-8 user directories – fixes #1700.
* codeintel: NodeJS: Fixed file-case descrepancy on Windows – fixes #2087.
* codeintel: PHP: Recognize variables defined in control structure headers – fixes #1682.
* codeintel: Python 3: Support ‘async’ function definitions.
* debug: Do not try and debug remote files locally; show warning instead – fixes #738.
* editor: Change indentation on a per-line basis instead of all at once – fixes #900.
* editor: Do not show fold margin in any view when folding is turned off – fixes #1981.
* editor: Handle embedded PHP/Ruby/etc. when matching HTML tags – fixes #732.
* editor: brace match soft characters – fixes #395.
* golang: formatter: Write formatted code to stdout instead of overwriting the file – fixes #2010.
* keybindings: swap impossible keybindings fixes #1800.
* lint: SASS: Recognize linter WARNING messages – fixes #1820.
* lint: SCSS: Add current working directory as load path to linter – fixes #1946.
* lint: SCSS: Detect rbenv and run the SCSS linter properly based on that – fixes #1819.
* minimap: Improve click+drag scrolling so that it is not so disorienting – fixes #2080
* scintilla: CoffeeScript: Highlight interpolated code in strings – fixes #1678.
* scintilla: PowerShell: Correctly handle escape sequences – fixes #1958.
* sdk: editor: Calculate absolute positions based on line/col properly – fixes #2123.
* vi keys: ‘p’ should always paste below wrapped lines – fixes #2026.

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