Komodo IDE 12 now GA and Free For Everyone!

Komodo IDE v12 is now free

Yep you read that right, Komodo IDE is now FREE! Here at ActiveState we’ve been very hard at work on the free-to-use ActiveState Platform, and Komodo is an integral part of that experience.  

Introducing the ActiveState Platform

The ActiveState Platform aims to make dependency management easy by providing you with fully built and vetted runtime environments tailored to your project’s requirements. In simple terms this means you tell us what your project needs, and we make it happen regardless of operating system, architecture, etc. It does this through a new command line tool we’ve been developing called the State Tool

With the State Tool you can easily manage and deploy your packages and runtime environment in a consistent, reproducible manner without needing to depend on virtual machines, docker images, or other third party tooling. By default, the State Tool sets up a new, sandboxed runtime environment for each of your projects, similar to virtualenv so you don’t have to worry about library version conflicts.

The State Tool also gives you powerful, cross-platform tooling to automate your workflows through scripting, event handling and secret management. It’s your one-stop solution for automating local development workflows, which can then be easily  reused in CI/CD environments.

Komodo + ActiveState Platform Synergy

Komodo’s integration with the ActiveState Platform and the State Tool means that you can start new projects in Komodo and instantly have a working runtime environment to code against and share with team members. Komodo automatically installs these environments for you (based on your project’s language), allowing you to run your code without jumping through any hoops or having to manually manage dependencies. All of which makes project setup a breeze so you can just focus on the code.

Additional Komodo Enhancements

This release of Komodo also contains lots of bug fixes and improvements, many of which were provided by the community. In particular I want to call out and thank Stephen Sigwart for his numerous contributions: thank you!

We hope you enjoy the changes we’re bringing to Komodo, and that many more coders will soon discover the benefits of this amazing IDE now that it’s free for everyone. As a developer, there’s nothing more rewarding than being able to let others enjoy your hard work uninhibited.

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