Komodo IDE 4.4 released!

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Yesterday we released Komodo 4.4, which is the final minor release of Komodo before we hit the big 5-oh. You can read all the usual stuff here on Komodo IDE for Perl, Python, Tcl and more.
My personal list of favourite / awesome features in this release:

  • Extensible Test Suite framework – now I can finally get around to writing Simpletest support for Komodo!
  • HookHandler support in code intelligence – this is some cool plumbing work Todd and Trent implemented to allow extension developers to add bits of magic into the code intelligence system. The example we shipped in 4.4 is the Zend Framework extension, which ( amongst other things ) supports autocompletion for the Zend_View helper class in view files. Implicit imports are a common feature in web frameworks these days, and now we have an api in place for us ( and others ) to provide better support in these cases.
  • The section list! Our version of the Awesome bar, I guess. I’m addicted to it!
  • Last but not least, some decent column selection / editing, as documented here.

So what’s next? We’re already pooling bugs for Komodo 4.4.1, of course, but the next big thing is Komodo 5. Things are still pretty fluid in terms of a feature set but we DO know we will be building Komodo 5 on the Firefox 3 / Gecko 1.9 codebase, in fact the bulk of the build work has been done here and is now in trunk. Hopefully we’ll have builds out soon so people can kick the tires a bit before more invasive 5.0 work gets under way.

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