Last Updated: October 25, 2016

Komodo Packages

In Komodo we have a concept of [Packages]( A package is any external item that can be added to Komodo. This could be any of the following:

  • Addons
  • Userscripts
  • Color Schemes
  • Skins
  • Languages (the human kind)
  • Keybindings

The Komodo packages are almost all community contributed and community maintained. They are great ways to extend Komodo and customize beyond what we already provide. It’s also a great way to see what’s possible if you’re considering ways that you may want to extend Komodo. You can also take anything from the [Komodo packages repo]( and extend it with additional features. We recommend feeding those changes back to the original author through pull request unless you’ve done a complete re-write or it makes more sense to fork and turn it into something new. Sharing is caring. We support Open Source wholeheartedly.

So open the Komodo packages website that I linked above and enjoy! You’ll be amazed at the community contributed tools! And we’re always here to help if you want to write your own. You’ll get a one-day response from a developer and/or community member in our [forums]( (assuming you’re not posting on the weekend…:P ).

Carey Hoffman

Carey Hoffman

Carey made the logical switch from snowboard instructing and treeplanting to the technology industry in 2009, taking database and network administration at Vancouver BC's BCIT college. Having started out on the technical support and QA team for ActiveState he now works on the Komodo development team as a front and backend software engineer.