Komodo Toolbox

Komodo Toolbox

The Komodo toolbox is where you can store all of your custom tools such as code snippets and abbreviations, userscripts, commands, etc. The fresh Komodo install comes with a huge selection of tools and snippets already installed. These are meant for our users to learn what’s possible then go creatively crazy. Any item in the toolbox can be shared with others by adding them to the Komodo packages repo. You can then see your tool on the Komodo packages website, there for all the community to install through Commando.
There are also project specific toolboxes that are created for every project. If you want to keep tools isolated to a single project, this is a great way to easily have them when you need them. If the project is closed, the toolbox for that project is gone (removed from the current toolbox session). When the project is opened again, a folder with the same name as your project is opened and populated with all the tools it had.
The toolbox was implemented as a file system, so you can perform actions and organize items like you would in any other file system.
It’s also interesting to know that any commands or userscripts that you create in the toolbox can be added to your toolbar or a custom menu if you’re a user who prefers interacting with the program using the mouse.
So go forth! Create! Share! Code! And enjoy it!

Title photo courtesy of Pixabay.

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