Komodo User Story: Jake Day Williams

Learning a new programming language isn’t easy for everyone, and there is no better place than YouTube find a good tutorial to see code in action. In your search to learn PHP or Ruby, you may have stumbled upon Jake Day Williams’ channel, WiLDacademy. He not only offers engaging and easy to follow tutorials, he also really likes using Komodo (you’ll see Komodo featured in his tutorials). We caught up with Jake to learn a little more about his YouTube channel and find out more about his Komodo User story.
Q.. Tell us a little bit about yourself
A I teach programming and design on YouTube. I got into programming over two years ago because I wanted to make extensions for a design and 3D modeling program called SketchUp. It has an embedded Ruby API that allows users to create their own plugins.
How did you first hear about Komodo?
A. From the book “Ruby In A Day” by Richard Wagstaff. That was my first introduction to programming and I’ve been using Komodo ever since.
Q. How and for what do you use Komodo
A. I’ve mostly used Komodo for learning and teaching. I’m currently using Komodo to create a Ruby on Rails SaaS product.
Q. I see that your tutorials focus on PHP/Ruby. Do you use Komodo for any other languages? If so, which ones?
A. I use Komodo for Python as well. I’m currently writing a book on Python. (70% done.) It will be released in January.
Q. Can you give us some feedback about Komodo 9 specifically?
A. Customer support at ActiveState is world class. I’m excited by the pace at which improvements are being made to the product, particularly those being made to the UI and design. Komodo got sexier. She’s got looks and experience now.
Q. What features would you like to see implemented?
A. Komodo Cloud IDE! I really want to develop with my Chromebook. I can’t imagine this isn’t already in the works. Bayesian probability theory suggests it is true. I’ll need Tom Radcliffe to double check my data otherwise.
Q. What industry events do you attend?
A. Mostly Ruby meetups. I try to go to at least one meetup a week. I recommend this to all my readers and viewers. If you’re not going to meetups you’re doing yourself a huge disservice. If you’re trying to break into the industry, meetups will cut your time in half. Who you know doesn’t just apply to Hollywood. Go to meetups and be talkative. Dye your hair purple. This is a subset of the best skills to learn in all industries: marketing and sales.
Q. Are there any programmers that you admire?
A. There are two of them: Chad Pytel: He’s a developer, founder, and the CEO of thoughtbot.
David Heinemeier Hansson: Creator of Ruby on Rails. He shares a similar philosophy of business that I do. Create products people will pay for and build long term sustainable companies.
Q. Any other advice to other programmers or feedback you’d like to share?
A. Apply to become a K-12 substitute teacher once a week. You can usually choose what days you want to work and what classes you’ll teach. It puts you in a situation of being in charge of 30+ people while simultaneously helping you to become a better public speaker. You’d be surprised how much High School Algebra you forgot about. It gets you out of your current environment because you’ll have a new classroom and students every time. Finally, it gets you out of your mental holding patterns and allows you to focus and think about others.

You can subscribe to Jake’s YouTube channel to check out his tutorials and follow Jake on twitter to find out more about his upcoming Python book!

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