Komodo User Survey 2016

Komodo User Survey 2016
Komodo IDE has been helping developers be more productive for the past 16 years. During this time there have been a lot of changes–with each new release we try to provide a better user experience and offer integrations that make our users’ lives easier. We strongly believe that an IDE needs to let developers do their job without getting in their way, and we’ve worked hard to ensure that Komodo offers seamless integration into our users’ workflows.
With so much innovation happening in languages and frameworks, we decided to survey our users so we could learn a little bit more about what they like about Komodo as well as other features that they want in their IDE. (You can check out some of the results of the survey in the infographic below.)
We’d like to thank everyone who took our Komodo User survey this year. If you missed the survey and want to send us feedback, we’re always happy to hear from our users. Pop by our forums to let us know what you think! And if you’re not a user and want to test it out–download Komodo IDE and start your 21-day trial.

Survey Highlights

  • The top items our users liked about Komodo were the Regex Editor, Toolbox, UX, Performance, and Stability. These results were great to hear given the recent changes to improve UI/UX and speed of our IDE. (You can read more about recent changes to Komodo that improved performance.)
  • The majority (62%) of those who responded to the survey were using the latest version, Komodo X. Our latest release focussed on adding web and mobile development functionality to Komodo, so it was no surprise when our users said that it was important or very important that their IDE support web technologies and CSS management tools.
  • Most users also said it was important that their IDE support Remote File Management and Version Control…these are two important aspects to ensuring a smooth workflow and Komodo IDE supports both of these.

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