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Ever wanted to quickly jump from Komodo to your terminal? It’s likely a common
occurrence, one that [twitter user @mjatharvest was facing][tweet] and decided to tweet
us about. Turns out it’s pretty easy to add with a macro!
All I really had to do was inject a menu item into the relevant menu popup,
attach a command to it that launches a terminal in the selected directory and
voila, we’ve got ourselves a new feature.
* Adds an “Open Terminal Here” menu item to folder items in the Places widget
* @source
* @author Nathan Rijksen
* @contributor Mathieu Strauch
* @version 0.3
// Register namespace
if ((typeof extensions) == ‘undefined’) extensions = {};
extensions.OpenTerminalHere = {};
// Get places pane document object
var d = document.getElementById(‘placesViewbox’).contentDocument;
// Remove existing menu entry if it exists
var mi = d.getElementById(‘contextOpenTerminalHere’);
if (mi) mi.parentNode.removeChild(mi);
// Get the sibling element which we want to insert our menu item after
var sibling = d.getElementById(‘placesContextMenu_rename’);
var platform = navigator.platform.toLowerCase();
// Create our menu item
mi = document.createElement(“menuitem”);
mi.setAttribute(“id”, “contextOpenTerminalHere”);
mi.setAttribute(“hideIf”, “file project”);
mi.setAttribute(“label”, “Open Terminal Here”);
// Add event listener for when the menu item is used
mi.addEventListener(‘command’, function(e)
uris = ko.places.viewMgr.getSelectedURIs()
if ( ! uris.length) return;
path = uris[0].replace(/^[a-zA-Z]+:\/\//,”);
// Prepare command for each platform
var command;
if (platform.indexOf(“mac”) != -1) // Mac / OSX — terminal
command = ‘osascript -e \’tell application “terminal”\’ -e \’do script \
“cd \\”‘ + path + ‘\\””\’ -e \’activate\’ -e \’end tell\”;
else if (platform.indexOf(“linux”) != -1) // Linux — gnome-terminal
command = ‘gnome-terminal –working-directory=”‘ + path + ‘”‘;
else if (platform.indexOf(“win”) != -1) // Windows — command prompt
path = path.replace(/^(?:[a-z]*:\/\/|\/)/i,”);
command = ‘start cmd /K “cd ‘ + path + ‘”‘;
// Run command, dont show output window, command, {env: null}, null, null, null, true, ‘no-console’);
// Append menu item to popupmenu
sibling.parentNode.insertBefore(mi, sibling);
Note I like to be a little verbose with my code, as I like it to be easy to read
and understand. I could likely make this fit into about 10 lines if I’d want to.
## Installation
To install the macro simply hit the download button below, then drag the downloaded
file into your [Komodo toolbox](
Once in your toolbox double click the macro to activate it. The macro will
automatically activate itself the next time you start Komodo, you only need to
do this manually the first time.

## Usage
To use the macro, simply right click a folder in your Places widget (the left
side pane with all the files and folders) and select “Open Terminal Here”.
If you would like to use this functionality from a different popupmenu, please feel
free to fork this code and customize it to your liking.
## Going Even Further
My next little side project will be to actually add a terminal into Komodo. I’ve
been impressed by “[butterfly]” and will likely be injecting that into Komodo and
open up the userscript / userstyle functionality to users once [butterfly] implements
[tweet]: “View the tweet that lead to this macro”
[butterfly]: “butterfly your everyday terminal in your web browser”

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