Last Updated: July 19, 2019

Our favorite Komodo IDE add-ons

Komodo Extensions – Top Picks

There are many great add-ons that have been written to extend Komodo, providing a slew of new features and functionality. You can use Komodo’s Tools -> Add-ons menu to launch the add-on dialog, then search for and install new Komodo extensions like the ones listed below.

Here is a list of some of my favorite extensions:

MoreKomodo This very popular extension provides a number of great features, such as:

  • copying the filename or directory path from the context menu
  • renaming or moving the current editor file
  • encoding or decoding of HTML entities into a document
  • copying results straight from Komodo’s Find pane

Zen Coding A great tool to quickly create and edit HTML content. It features the ability to:

  • expand several HTML abbreviations at once
  • easily wrap selections in a tag element
  • quickly navigate to editing points
  • expand and contract selections in nested tags

Check out the awesome demo video:

TODO Helper Useful for keeping track of work items in your code. Finds TO-DO items in projects, open files or just the current file.

  • searches files for specific to-do markers
  • UI to easily jump to the TO-DO locations
  • customizable search criteria and search context

HTML Toolkit Provides many additional HTML helpers, such as:

  • automatic completion of HTML end tags – sweet!
  • additional commands for tag movement and navigation
  • helper commands for creating common HTML entities

Tweak UI Allows you to tweak and customize the Komodo UI layout. Using this extension you can:

  • move side-bars like the code browser from the left Komodo pane to the right pane
  • show longer paths for the editor tab names
  • change the Komodo panes to use a traditional tabbed layout

Komodo is built on the Mozilla framework so it has the same extension system as the Firefox browser. You can build your own extensions or even re-purpose existing Firefox extensions to work within Komodo. Want to find out more about Komodo add-ons? Then head over to the ActiveState Community site. You may even decide to write your own Komodo extension. If you do, we some tools for doing just that – try the File -> New -> New Project from Template and select the Komodo Extension template.

Create a free account on the ActiveState Platform to try Komodo IDE today.

So what are your favorite Komodo IDE add-ons? Feel free to share below!

Todd Whiteman

Todd Whiteman

Todd Whiteman is the Development Lead for Komodo IDE. He works adeptly with Mozilla, Python and JavaScript to ensure that Komodo IDE is the IDE of choice for development teams. Todd has been working on Komodo IDE for nearly 6 years, adding components such as the Vi Key Bindings, Distributed Source Code Control, 64-bit Linux builds as well as Remote SSH support into Komodo IDE.