Package Management at Your Fingertips in Komodo 9.1

Package Management at Your Fingertips in Komodo 9.1

One of our big features in 9.1 is package management; you can easily install your project dependencies just by invoking Commando and installing the package you are in need of.
We currently support the following package managers:

  • Bower (web front-end)
  • NPM (NodeJS)
  • Composer (PHP)
  • Gem (Ruby)
  • Pip (Python 2 and 3)
  • CPANM (Perl)
  • PYPM (ActivePython)
  • PPM (ActivePerl)

If you know a bit of JavaScript you can easily add your own package manager to the mix; we’ll be providing a sample project for this shortly.
So, want to see how this works in practice? I’ve recorded the following screencast to give you a quick intro to package management in Komodo.

There you go: package management right within Komodo. Notice how it’s in a little shell scope? This scope lets you execute whatever shell commands you can think of, basically allowing you to access terminal functionality from Komodo in a quick and simple way. I’ll be blogging about this feature in particular soon, so stay posted!
Hopefully this got you a little bit interested in trying package management yourself, please – have at it.
Title photo courtesy of Siala on Pixabay.

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