PDK 8.0: The End of Wrap, Deploy, Repeat.

It’s time to celebrate: today we’re launching Perl Dev Kit (PDK) 8.0! Hoorah!

Deploy to Any Platform from Any Platform
PDK 8.0 introduces an enhancement to PerlApp that allows cross-wrapping of your applications, allowing for a “develop one place, deploy anywhere” functionality. So go ahead, generate executables for non-native platforms!

Don’t like to be criticized? No worries, you get to be your own best critic with this nifty tool. PerlCritic is an interface for checking your Perl sources against policies which outline
Perl best practices and coding standards. Choose the policies that you want to use and the sources you want to check, then run the tests and review the detailed criticisms for each policy violation.

Join in the celebration by checking out all the cool new features and taking advantage of a limited-time $50 off. Yes, you too can celebrate. 😉

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