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ActiveState recently sponsored a lunch for the entire group that participated in the Vancouver Chapter’s [Random Hacks of Kindness](http://peacegeeks.org/rhok) – a movement that is very close to my heart. That was lunch for 65 people doing amazing, impactful projects beenfiting groups who rarely – if ever – get this kind of help. In addition to providing lunch, we donated 3 Komodo IDE licenses to be given away as well.

I want to go on a rant about just how freakin awesome this event is and the stuff that PeaceGeeks does is but I won’t.

Okay… I will. A small rant:

Imagine giving a voice to an organization in Egypt who’s fighting to stop the pervasive violence against women in their society, and giving them a tool to allow their member to see on a map WHERE these incidences happen and WHEN, to help them remain safe in their own cities. That’s just one of many projects of varying types.

They also built an app for Syrian refugees living in Jordan to improve access to services with Affinity Bridge; they’re just finalizing the prototype for the new UX, which should be ready next week.

They are mapping conflict-related violence in South Sudan (our version of the tool HarassMap used), and are building an SMS reporting app to engage local citizens and NGOs to report on violence. They also got them on social media and are now looking to help them leverage social media to counter incitement to violence through social media:

Technology can do amazing things for people that REALLY NEED IT and that’s what PeaceGeeks and Random Hack of Kindness do. It’s nice to be part of a team that helps support initiatives like this.

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