On the Road to Unification: ActiveState Languages + Komodo IDE

On the Road to Unification: ActiveState Languages and Komodo IDE

Last year we talked about unifying our product stack, so I was very excited about our announcement today–we are bundling Komodo IDE with our ActivePerl and ActivePython language distributions. This is a real first step in bringing our products together. Buy an ActiveState language distribution and get our first-class IDE to go with it.
While we’re not combining Komodo IDE with our language distributions into one executable file, our Business Edition customers will get a single Komodo license for each Business Edition they purchase, and Enterprise Edition customers will get a 5-pack with purchase. For Community Edition users, you will be offered a trial of Komodo IDE when you download the software.
For some of our language users not familiar with our Komodo IDE, it’s been around for awhile (almost as long as our languages!) Komodo will be turning 17 this year! Throughout its history, the main goal of Komodo IDE has been to be “the one IDE for all your language needs”, making programming easier with fewer distractions. Komodo IDE works on Windows, Mac and Linux and offers a lot of great features for our Perl, Python and Tcl developers–advanced editing, code intelligence and autocomplete/calltips, graphical debugging, version control, integrated tools, workflow and file management, and support for team development.
These features make Komodo a powerful IDE, but we know that there is a new framework or technology emerging every day so we’re constantly adding more to Komodo in order to keep up with what developers need. The most recent versions of Komodo IDE have included built-in package management, an updated version control UX, Chrome remote debugging, plus we’ve added support for Docker, Vagrant, Cordova, PhoneGap, gulp.js, Grunt.js, Angular.js, Ember.js React.js., Typescript, and many more.
With the addition of our four new language distributions (ActiveGo, ActiveRuby, ActiveNode, and ActiveLua) this year, we’re going to be making changes to Komodo IDE that will increase the support for these languages even more. And, of course, we will be bundling Komodo with those new languages, as well as ActiveTcl, as new builds are released. By integrating Komodo IDE with ActiveState languages, we aim to make development more seamless for any language.
We’ve got a lot of exciting plans for Komodo IDE in the next year, so stay tuned!

To see what’s so great about Komodo IDE, create an account on the ActiveState Platform to try it for free!
Title photo courtesy of Matthew Ronder-Seid on Unsplash.

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