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Macro Monday – a new macro to dig into every Monday!

## The Macro
This macro is currently set up to execute a single command, “ls -la”, on the remote
machine. It piggy backs on the current connection used to access the remote file
in the editor window. Therefore you must have a remote file open when you run it.
You could also modify this to ask you for the command to execute using [Interpolation %ask Shortcut][].
## Installation
To install the macro simply hit the “View Resource” and “Install Instructions”
links below.
Once installed – open the Macro properties and set the macro to trigger on a
keybinding of your choice.

## Share Your Own Awesome Macros
Do you have your own awesome macro’s that you think others could benefit from?
Submit them to the [Resources Section] and if you really want to get it noticed
[write a Macro Monday blog about it][macromonday].
[Resources Section]: /resources/submit-instructions/#pane-resources
[macromonday]: /resources/submit-instructions/#pane-blogs
## Related Materials
* [Komodo Developer Extension][] – play around with JavaScript or Python code in
the context of the Komodo window
* [Komodo Macro API][] – to programatically interact with the Komodo editor –
available to both Python and Javascript
* [Editor API][] – the Komodo editor provides a wrapper around the Scintilla API
* [Interpolation %ask Shortcut][] – Add input from user into your macros using ~~~%ask~~~
[Komodo Developer Extension]: /framed/?
[Komodo Macro API]: /framed/?
[Editor API]:
[Interpolation %ask Shortcut]:

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