Sharing Syntax-Highlighted Source Code

Sharing Syntax-Highlighted Source Code


For many programmers, syntax highlighting has become almost a necessity when writing code. With syntax highlighting enabled, it is easy to spot the basic syntactic typos made, identify where exactly a multi-line string ends, and quickly identify landmarks in a chunk of code (e.g. function definitions, variable names, etc.).

It is easy for the modern-day coder to take syntax highlighting for granted in his or her developer tools like Komodo IDE. However, syntax highlighted source code shared over the internet is not a given.

For example, it is not uncommon to find chunks of black-and-white code on websites that host developer tutorials, and sharing plain-text code over e-mail is also relatively common. Only after cutting-and-pasting any of that code into one’s editor do large chunks of code start to make any sense at all.

Suppose you, as a Komodo IDE user, wanted to share your code with others, but with syntax highlighting included? Yes, of course you could use a service like, but what if you wanted to use your own color scheme? Well, Komodo IDE has a nifty tool just for you in its menu:

File > Print > Print to HTML File.

You can upload the resulting HTML file to your website, attach it to an e-mail, or even send it to your printer for a hard copy.

Forget spending time hunting for a web service that performs this task for you, and ignore the urge to throw together your own tool. You have better things to do with your time!

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