A Star is Born

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, allow me to introduce Komodo IDE 4.4!


Spend more time coding and less time searching, updating, organizing, testing….

  • New Sections List feature added as per popular request! Users demanded a function list, and Komodo IDE 4.4 takes it further by including CSS entries, XML nodes, and more “Awesome Bar”-style goodness, so navigating documents is quicker than ever.
  • Improved Source Code Control functionality simplifies team development and project management with multi-file commits and a new Change List tab to track and group documents that have been edited.
  • Added Extensibility for Unit Test Integration enables you to use your preferred unit testing framework, as support for frameworks can now be added via extensions. PHPUnit, Ruby rake test (as used by Ruby on Rails), Perl TAP-based test, PyUnit, and Nose are already integrated.
  • Plus Zend framework support, column editing functionality, user interface improvements, and bug fixes.

<riotous applause>

Get the details on these new features in the Komodo IDE 4.4 release notes, or better yet, check out the Komodo IDE 4.4 screencast and see the new features in action!           

This is a free update for Komodo IDE 4.x license holders, including current ActivePerl Pro Studio and ActiveTcl Pro Studio subscribers. Install your free update to 4.4 using the auto-update feature in Komodo IDE 4.3 or from the “My Downloads” section of your account.          

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