Two reasons why an ActiveState fan uses Komodo!

We love user screencasts! As the guy who does most of the Komodo screencasts around here, I’m always delighted to see one that’s been done by someone else. Creating a screencast takes a bit of time and it’s difficult to get them right, so when someone spends the effort to make one just because they like our product, it makes us very proud. Here’s one by amberforge that shows off:

  1. Komodo’s ‘Go to Definition’
  2. Autocomplete features for PHP

Short and sweet: There are more screencasts from ActiveState people on our Community site. I’ll be adding some more soon, but I’ve obviously got to go back to screencasting school and figure out how to do the panning, zooming, comments and titles that amberforge does. Nice work amberforge. Thank you! Never used Komodo? You can try Komodo IDE free for 21 days or use Komodo Edit for free!

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